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Wear Resistant Alloys
Today, due to higher performance of equipment and products, more machines are operated at a higher speed and higher pressure, under heat and corrosion resistant conditions. In addition, users' demands are becoming more diversified and sophisticated with regard to wear and abrasion. Maintenance-free products with reduced detrition-caused noise and longer life cycle are required. Wear Resistant Alloys can minimize & eliminate lost production.

Application Specifications
Cutting – Plasma burning, air arc, abrasive saw or water jet.
Welding – Our CCO overlay plate can be joined by welding the substrate to substrate using 309 weld wire/rod.
Bending – Using a press brake, forming should be perpendicular to the weld pass direction.
Plate rolling should be performed in the directions of the overlay beads.

Quality Control
We have our own Quality Inspection Technology Department ,and there are many equipment to support our Quality Inspection Technology Department, Our inspection team make regular testing on raw material, production process and our products according our company's strict policy.
Q1: Are you trading company or manufacturer ?
A: We are ISO certified flux cored welding wire and CCO wear plate factory.
Q2: Are you able to produce customized chemical composition and dimension?
A: Yes, we could offer special welding wire and wear plate according customers' requirement.
Q3: Do you provide after-sales service ?
A: Our company has a professional after-sales service team, with many years of experience not only on hardfacing products and applications, but also on the operation of application equipment.Wear Plate
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