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Our 2 Post Car Lift is used for vehicle repairs and maintenance. It is widely used in the vehicle repairs workshop. Floor plate style design is suitable for low ceiling workshop better, dual cylinders located in master and slave column, high-strength chain drives system. Loading capacity is 3.5T, 4T, 4.5T, the gantry type can load max 5T capacity, the lifting height is 1700mm, and the gantry type can reach 1900mm height.
Product feature:
1. Electric hydraulic power system, power is strong and durable
2. Manual unlocking from two sides of the car lift, easier to operate.
3. Rubber strip to protect the door, avoid the vehicle to collision.
4. Double hydraulic cylinder chain driven, high safety and reliability.
5. Safe and anti-explosion oil cylinder with USA parker seals
6. The arms welded by high-strength steel bars, more firm support.
7. Spray the surface treatment, corrosion resistance
8. Column using the original high-quality flat-panel, non-stress and deformation
9. Quick rise and fall: 50s.   
10. With CE certificate
ModelLifting weight(kg)Lifting height(mm)Mini height(mm)Column height(mm)Width between columns(mm)Installation width(mm)Lifting/ Falling time(s)Motor power(Kw)Voltage(v)
CL-2-50(G)5000190011044303230392570/503.0china Car Lift
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